Competitor Parking

With the Aussies fast approaching, arrangements have been put in place to handle the large number of competitors and spectators coming to Scarborough Beach and the surrounding areas.

With only limited parking available at Scarborough Beach, the City of Stirling has established two satellite parking stations in Scarborough for competitors:

  • Abbett Park - from Tuesday 20 to Sunday 25 March 2007
  • Butlers Reserve - from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 March 2007

It is strongly recommended that competitors utilise these areas. An additional area will also be set aside for club team buses and this will be located at the northern end of Scarborough Beach.  Directional signs showing the way to the parking stations and advising of any access restrictions or road closures will be set-up on the main roads coming into Scarborough.

The two satellite parking stations (Abbett Park and Butlers Reserve) are located 0.9km and 2km respectively from Scarborough Beach. Designated pedestrian routes will be clearly signposted and City of Stirling traffic marshals will be in place to provide assistance.  Additionally, City of Stirling volunteers and WA Police will be stationed at major intersections to ensure safe and orderly pedestrian crossings.

Shuttle buses to and from Scarborough Beach will be available 7.00am-4.00pm from Abbett Park, Thursday 22 March through to Sunday 25 March and from Butlers Reserve, Saturday 24 March and Sunday 25 March only.

Please note that at all times, you must adhere to any City of Stirling parking restrictions or access restrictions in place throughout the Scarborough area.

Parking on street verges is only permitted with prior authorisation from the owner/occupier of the property. In addition, vehicles must not be stored on a verge for periods in excess of 24 hours.

To download a map showing the location of the satelite parking stations click here (90KB).

For further information visit www.stirling.wa.gov.au and follow the Aussies 2007 link.